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Микс из Чикаго.

Passover Songs Mashup is:
James Bond Theme
Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)
Ma Nishtana
Avadim Hayinu
Ha Lachma
Chad Gadya

Musical arrangements by Elliot Dvorin and Kirk Garrison

Musical recording, audio mixing, and audio production by:
Steve Osterman - Race Recording, Chicago

Vocals: Elliot Dvorin
Drums & Percussion: Steve Osterman
Trumpet: Kirk Garrison, Dave Frohlichstein, Doug Scharf
Saxophones/Flute: Kevin Kizer, Marc Perlish, Michael Levin
Trombone: John Mose
Keyboard: Frank Caruso, Bobby Schiff
Guitar: Tom Logan, Steve Roberts
Bass: Paul Merar, Curt Bley
Violins: Katherine Hughes, Jeff Yang, Benton Wedge

Filmed on location at:
Daley Plaza - Chicago, IL

Directed and Choreographed by: Mitchell A. Finke

Kylie Hohman, Skyler Friemoth, Gabby Gudakunst, Larissa Ludic, Selena Witten, Abby Lawson, Grace Swaney, Olivia Brown, Kelsea Allenbaugh, Julianne Roop, Lexi Dunn, Rachel Verville, Jenna Covey, Emma Witten, Chloe Thompson, Sam Price, Ryan Hollingsworth, Jared Hernandez, Colton Snyder, Monica Price, Kelly Stephens, Angi Smith, Kathy Gonzalez, Stephanie Price, Fiona Kipp

Chicago Hoop Dancers
Tags: праздник Песах

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